Work is available maintaining our schools.

The Department of Education through School Infrastructure NSW has appointed Colin Joss & Co Pty Ltd (Joss) as the Facilities Maintenance Contractor for the schools located in the Southern NSW Regional Asset Management Unit that includes 345 sites.

To do this work, we are engaging local small to medium businesses, including Aboriginal owned businesses and Aboriginal employees, to maintain the schools within their local community.

We are seeking Proactive Maintenance providers specifically for the following services:

  • Gas Lines, Manifolds, Flame Arrestors, Gas Ovens/Stoves and Heaters
  • Gas Storage

Pre-tender meeting:
via Teams on 30/01/2024 @ 10:00am
MEETING ID: 445 620 396 962

Closing date and time:
09/02/2024 @ 10:00am

How can I participate?
Contact to register Expression of Interest & to obtain a Tender Package.

Download the information flyers below: