Joss Construction is a fully integrated infrastructure contractor offering its clients a total solution across the entire project lifecycle.

Joss Construction has established an enviable list of commercial projects across Victoria, the ACT and New South Wales. Its clients range from government, both state and federal, to private clients throughout this large catchment.

Comprising experienced professionals with multidisciplinary expertise in all aspects of physical, economic, and social infrastructure. Joss partners with a wide range of private and public clients to overcome challenges and realise sustainable, forward-thinking, and the successful delivery of complex and challenging projects & infrastructure.

Joss Construction constructs projects for Defence, Education, Health & Aged Care and a range of property and commercial developments.

In addition to satisfied clients, Joss Construction has a strong history of key national awards.

Joss Civil and Infrastructure
Joss Construction works closely with our Civil and Infrastructure team to deliver projects with critical pieces of infrastructure including: