CSU Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory

Value: $6.6M

Location: Wagga Wagga, NSW

The Veterinary Diagnostics Laboratory at CSU’s Wagga Wagga Campus includes an Animal Holding Yard, Necropsy Laboratory and Teaching rooms, a Necropsy Cold Room and PC3 and PC2 Physical Containment laboratories.

The building works involved the demolition of an existing diagnostics laboratory, followed by construction over 2 levels, with plant and equipment contained on the upper level. The structure consisted of concrete floor slabs, angular structural steel framing and a combination of architectural steel and timber cladding.

Special components include a Necropsy (Animal Autopsy) table and an overhead gantry crane for handling large animal carcasses. Attention to detail was critical, particularly in construction of the laboratories, which handles Genetically Modified Organisms.

This project was awarded the Master Builders Association NSW 2010 Excellence in Construction Awards in the category Tertiary Buildings – $5,000,001 – $10,000,000.