CSU National Life Sciences Hub (NaLSH)

Value: $39M

Location: Wagga Wagga, NSW

The CSU National Life Sciences Hub project involved construction of a science precinct (agricultural teaching and research facility) incorporating the latest in technology to facilitate research excellence.

The facility contains a Phytotron which houses growth chambers, 3 Glasshouses, one of which is an AQIS Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP) and the NaLSH building which comprises PC2 (Physical Containment) and QAP laboratories. Spread over 3 levels, the building combines old and new through the use of recycled eco bricks, extensive glazing, polycarbonates, recycled timber and metal cladding.

The project is architecturally unique in its design spaces and a diverse range of materials were specified including recycled bricks and polycarbonate cladding. The main challenges this project presented were gaining AQIS QC2 and OGTR PC2 Glasshouse certification, which relied upon a clinically high quality of finishes particularly in laboratories; quality of commissioning in order to achieve reliability/functionality of services; and maintaining program .The project was completed in August 2012 and designed to a 5 Star Green rating.

This project was successful in winning the Master Builders NSW 2012 Excellence in Construction Award for Best Tertiary Facilities $20M-$50M.