March 14, 2022

Joss cleaners in the community

Joss Facility Management has been providing NSW schools facility solutions for over 25 years. It is no surprise to find that many of our Joss employees have become integral parts of their school communities over this time, especially our cleaning staff over the past two years throughout the pandemic. A recent example of this is Joss cleaner Lyann, who has recently relocated from Sydney and has commenced cleaning at a small school in central NSW. Since that time, she has become part of the school community through her involvement in presentations and other school activities. The students also assist in keeping the school grounds neat and tidy.

Outside of work, Lyann has been part of the Black Dog Ride for many years, raising awareness for mental health and wanted to make some small lanyards for fundraising for their next ride in Wagga Wagga next month. As a thank you to all the students for assisting in keeping the school looking amazing, Lyann has made every student one of these lanyards and will present them, along with the principal, to each student later this month.
Amazing job, Lyann and best of luck on the upcoming ride in Wagga Wagga next month.