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AWMA Water Services Upgrade

Value: $4.6M

Location: Wodonga, VIC

The AWMA Water Supply System Upgrade Works was a Design and Construct project for Defence. Following acceptance of the design, the construction works included the removal and disposal of existing asbestos (AC) water mains and replacement with uPVC water mains (100, 150 & 225mm) & PE (180, 280 & 400mm) throughout three sites North, South and East Bandiana. The scope of works also required the replacement of all single head hydrants with dual head hydrants – a total of 160 hydrants being replaced.

The works entailed trenching across roads, paths and landscaped areas, all of which required reinstatement. One element of this was a road crossing at the busiest intersection on the South Bandiana base which necessitated extensive base consultation and coordination both before and during the works.